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What hosting provider would you recommend?

We recommend to use SiteGround hosting provider. For minimal price you will get well configured server, which fits Wealty theme requirements. Customers who use it get excellent speed, performance and ease of use with our theme. We advise to save your money and time!

The premium plugins require activation, are they trial?

No, they are provided for free and are ready to use. Please, find more details about Premium Plugins License.

Are $59 paid per month or one time to download the layout? Any renewal fees?

59$ is a one time price, no renewal fees. It includes 6 month of support (or 12 months) and free lifetime updates.

I got a message from ThemeForest that the Wealty theme was updated. How I can update the theme?

There are two ways to update the theme. Choose one that you like more and follow instructions in this article to update Wealty theme and theme required plugins to latest version: Theme Update.

Why do I need to create both Google Maps and Mapbox API keys if I want to use only Mapbox on the website?

Mapbox is an “overlay” for Google Maps that just provides different map layout, but all map functionalities (Street View, Nearby places, etc.) are still provided by Google Maps.