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Property ID

215 SqFt


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Aura Sai Krishnangan Offices and Shops Property By Bhagvati Infra

A great commercial property near Koregaon Bhima

This place organized close to Koregaon Bhima in Pune , is a townhouse complex with access to basic facilities for the user. Nearby places along this commercial area include- an ayurvedic hospital, hair concepts health care, a college and an ATM of Bank of Maharashtra.


Address: Koregaon Bhima, Maharashtra 412216, India
  • Country: India
  • Province / State: Maharashtra
  • City / Town: Pune
  • Neighborhood: Koregaon Bhima
  • Postal code / ZIP: 412216
Open on Google Maps
  • Property ID 3039
  • Price Price on call
  • Property Type Office space
  • Property status For Sale
  • Size 215 SqFt
  • Size 125.354 Sq Ft Carpet Area
  • Size 124.816 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
  • Size 125 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
  • Size 135.14 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
  • Size 138.58 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
  • Size 169.25 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
  • Size 124.92 Sq. Ft Carpet Area

Nearby Places

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