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Property ID

10168 SqFt


Buy modafinil in india, Buy modafinil mexico

Maza Gharkul Ranjangaon is a MahaRERA Certified Project having budget homes project situated in Karegoan near Ranjangaon Mahaganpati and Ranjangaon MIDC.


Maza Gharkul Ranjangaon is around 12-15 kms from Shirur and around 60-65 kms from Pune. The five star MIDC is located in Karegaon which commonly recongnised as Ranjangaon MIDC. The large area land of Karegaon is aquired for establishing the MIDC as well as MIDC Office is situated within Karegaon Grampanchayat. Name of the karegaon seems to come from the diety Kareshwar temple which may be Omkareshwar. It is said that said temple is built by Pandavas overnight. One of the Nandi in front of this temple is half carved and it is believed that Pandav left the job unfinished as it was time for the sunrise and they wanted to leave the village before sunrise.



Address: Karegaon-Karde Rd, Karegaon, Maharashtra 412210, India
  • Country: India
  • Province / State: Maharashtra
  • Neighborhood: Karegaon
  • Postal code / ZIP: 412210
Open on Google Maps
  • Property ID 3141
  • Price Price on call
  • Property Type Office space
  • Property status For Sale
  • Size 10168 SqFt
  • Size 10168 Sq Ft Carpet Area

Nearby Places

Walk Score


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